Cam Rahn Bay

From it's arrival in Vietnam on 18 Jan 67 until the official move to Nha Trang 17 Mar 68, Headquarters and the main unit of the 218th MP Company was in Cam Rahn Bay.

Cam Rahn Bay 218th Military Police Company Barracks

Company Area

218th MP Co gun jeeps

Highway 1 under construction 1967. Later became a heavily traveled convoy route

Frank Francis at the Military Police Station, Cam Rahn Bay 1967

Pontoon bridge at Cam Rahn Bay 1967

1LT Jim Blankenship 

2LT Richard O'Neil

The first 218th mascot

Sandy Lesnick reading a letter while standing next to Senator Robert Griffin of Michigan, show specifically came to see Sandy in Cam Ranh Bay, November 1967. 

Sandy in front of troops at Cam Rahn Bay, January 1968