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218th Military Police Company
in Vietnam
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History of the 218th MP Co in Vietnam
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The MP Station
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218th MP Co on duty 
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Convoy Duty
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Homeward Bound
Old Warriors
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Tet Offensive
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You are invited into this place of our past ... where many memories, both good and bad reside ... This site exists with the hope that it will bring together those with common bonds and renew old friendships ... That within these pages you may see someone or someplace you recognize and feel good about ... This site is under constant revision and is updated as often as time, material and additional information is available. If you have material to contribute please contact us for how and where to send images, letters, etc. I hope you will return frequently.
This website is dedicated to those who served in the 218th Military Police Company in Vietnam. If you wish to add to or correct any information herein, to be included, wish to add photos or can identify anyone not named in any of the photos, please click the service ribbon below to contact us.
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Thanks to those who continue to contribute photos and information, without which this website would not exist.
Former QC Phan Din Hahn did attend our 2013 reunion with his wife and two sons. Hahn, who most of us will remember, worked with many of us during our tour of duty. Click HERE to read a special letter about this project.